About Us

Welcome to Souk Saeed, where our 30-year legacy in the perfume industry positions us as experts in the world of fragrances, with a focus on the captivating scents of Arab ouds. We pride ourselves on curating a distinguished collection that reflects the pinnacle of olfactory excellence. Our commitment to authenticity and quality is evident in our diverse range of carefully selected fragrances, featuring the finest ouds from the Arabian Peninsula. Welcome to a refined world of elegance and the timeless art of perfumery.

Meet Saeed, the visionary behind Souk Saeed. His journey in the world of perfumery began humbly at a market in central London, where his passion for exquisite fragrances sparked a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. Through dedication and a keen understanding of his craft, Saeed not only built a thriving business but also became the heart of the community. His commitment to providing exceptional perfumes and a warm, personalized experience has been the driving force behind Souk Saeed's success.

Saeed's journey from the bustling market stalls to the forefront of the perfume industry reflects not only his expertise but also his genuine connection with customers and the art of perfumery.